Given my age and my children's disinterest in birds, I started selling parts of my collection in early 2022. The website lists 
the collection at the end of 2021… at the pinnacle of my collection.

My name is Huub Oostendorp and from 1996 I collect birds that are made from porcelain. The birds come from the company Goebel. At the moment I have a collection of approximately 600 different birds. From large to small and from really expensive to ridiculously cheap.

When I started collecting birds, my biggest problem was the lack of information I had. How many birds did Goebel make and which factory numbers do the other collectors use? Most of the time the number is written underneath the bird, but on a lot of birds there is no number. That is why I also collected documentation support, because that is the only way to find the factory numbers. Meanwhile I have the numbers of most of the birds.

My collection is not finished yet, but now that I have that many birds I am willing to show the world my collection. The birds, that I own, with a green dot are mine. And the birds with a red dot are the ones that I am still missing, and still are looking for. If you click on reviews on a picture, you will see the background information of the bird that I know.

I made this website to help the other collectors. I can’t guaranty that everything I wrote is correct or complete. If you scroll through my website you will find some spots where I did not write anything down yet. You can help me when you have the missing pictures of some birds. I ask you to help me with filling up the open spaces in the reviews. I really appreciate it if you contact me.

Of course you can also contact me by e-maile-mail