From all the produced birds by Goebel, the 38 series is without any doubt the bird where I am most proud of. All birds in this series are numbered en have a factory logo. From this logo you can see how old the bird is. Most of the time you’ll find on the bottom the date of the design; sometimes even the name of the designer. At the most beautiful birds you’ll find a paragraph of the master painter.

From this series the company Goebel made a production list.; that makes collecting this series a lot easier. I use the information of the production list on my website. You’ll find information about the bird when you click on the pictures.

Goebel used initially a lot of ( models of) birds , that are made by the company Cortendorf (Goebel purchased Cortendorf). These birds have the numbering CV. Later the models also got the common numbering 38. I use both on my website.
After that the artists, who are working for the company Goebel, made new designs. The most famous ones are: Uwe Netzsch, Gerhard Bochmann, Helmut Fisher and Gehrard Skrobek. These artist were invited to manufacture the exclusive models. A limited number of them were produced, that is why they are really valuable. The most beautiful birds are designed and painted by the famous, naturalistic artist Gunter Granget.

The production list starts in 1973. That has also become the start of my collection. The meaning of the codes in the list are:

letzter UPE voorgestelde verkoopprijs door Goebel (in DM) letzte, in der Preisliste gelistete, unverbindliche Preisempfehlung (in DM) last suggested German retail price (in DM)

-01 geglazuurd/glanzend unterglasur/glänzend under glaze/shiny

-02 ongeglazuurd/mat aufglasur/matt over glaze/mat

-03 wit biscuit weiss-biskuit white bisque

-11 geglazuurd vereenvoudigd unterglasur vereinfacht under glaze simplified

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